"Beckon Call" began as a ministry in June 2003. I had sang with the Virginians Quartet for 17 years before the senior members retired that group in December 2002. Feeling that God was not finished with me I began to look for another opportunity to minister through gospel music. I had a high standard desiring men of strong Christian faith as well as versatile music abilities. Mike Perdue had also sung with the Virginians and was ready to continue his singing ministry. Through mutual friends another singer/musician Tim Hall was recommended. The trio got together just after the 2003 Franklin Graham Festival in Salem Va to see and hear what they felt was God's will and direction for their life. After sharing our testimonies and then singing together for the first time I really felt that we had the potential for something special.

I had always been in groups that performed their own music and did not really want to sing with gospel tracks. The next week I contacted Dwayne Angle. Dwayne had played piano for several groups and was currently playing bass guitar and piano in his home church. I had remarked to Dwayne several times in the past that I would need a piano player sometime in the future knowing that the Virginians would retire someday. Dwayne told me that just the week before I contacted him, that he had remembered those remarks and wondered why he had not been called. Isn't it amazing how God puts things together? Not only is Dwayne an accomplished pianist but he is also plays a good guitar and sings lead and harmony when needed.

The group was now set. We had the music and the vocals, all we needed were songs and practice. Each of us began to bring songs that ministered to us in some way. Feeling that if a song touches our heart then it probably will touch others as well. As the weeks went by, we began to realize the talents with which God had so richly blessed each member. The versatility of each member continues to amaze me. We can sing Southern Gospel style with piano, bass guitar and rhythm guitar, or just sing with acoustic guitars and even acapella. I still get "goosebumps" sometimes during our practices just listening to the harmonies and message contained in song. With each practice we have a time of sharing and prayer. God continues to open doors for us to minister to his people. We commit to God's "Beckon Call" on each of our lives and our desire is to see the lost come to Christ, and the Christian be blessed through testimony and song.

Please come out and hear this ministry in music. I believe you will truly be blessed.
Mark Waldron
Beckon Call

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